Amen� game for the PC has been created by Barbor Software� in conjunction with Bible Games Company�.

The original Amen� card game was created by Carnell and Delaine Jones with revisions and design considerations by Ron Vozar for Bible Games Company�. The card game�s graphics were done by Bill Gray. The game was copyrighted � 1994 by Bible Games Company�.

The ActiveCandy Visual Basic controls that are used on the Game Setup and Final screens were provided by Edward Blake (

Advice for creating the flashing buttons was provided by Mehul Dhorda (

A lot of prayer has gone into the creation of this program. And, without the help of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, this project never would have been completed.

The following people have contributed to this project in ways big and small. All contributions to this project have been necessary for its final completion.

Initial concept of Bible software games created for use at Penn Christian Academy, East Norriton, PA.

Computer player voices were recorded from real, live people. In most cases, the computer player�s name matches the name of the person who recorded the voice. The following people contributed their vocal talents to the completion of this game:

Rev. 22:20