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Amen CD-ROM V1.0

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Windows VISTA/7 Installation

The Windows VISTA/7 operating system is based on the older Windows XP operating system and, hence, is based on the original Windows NT.  Because of that, some of the older CD's of our games may have the installation problem mentioned below for Windows XP.  The solution listed below will also work for Vista/7, and Vista itself even gives the option of installing the alternate way after the first try doesn't work.

Windows XP Installation

The Windows XP operating system is based on the older Windows NT operating system. This fools our installation program into thinking this is a newer version of Windows NT and that it needs service packs installed. That is NOT the case. To get Amen CD-ROM to install on your PC, you only need to use the Windows XP built-in Compatibility Mode. It's real easy. This is what you do:

Windows VISTA/7 Help System - Click here to view Help System Online Microsoft no longer supports the standard Windows Help System that has been in place for every version of Windows up through XP.  Therefore, when you click on Help on the game start window of the current version of this game (versions prior to V1.04), you'll just get an error and then the game will close. This situation where the game will cancel has been fixed in the Service Release (SR1) that can be downloaded below. So, after installing the SR1, the program will no longer cancel in the situation where Help is selected in the game start window.  Still, in the upgraded version, when you click on Help, you'll get a warning message about the help system not being supported.  That error message also comes with a link to a page at the Microsoft web site where you can download the system file needed to access the old Windows Help System.  You can also get to that Microsoft page from this link.

VISTA/7 Upgrade

AMEN V1.04 Service Release 1 (935 KB):

Additional Tech Support

If you require further technical support, please send an email, write a letter, or FAX your question to Bible Games Company.


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